The story of Trois Bon began in Switzerland in 2011 with three friends, Felix, Marcel & Flo, hence the name which is a play on the french phrase 'Très Bon'.

At the time Flo was working as a leathergoods designer for Louis Vuitton in Paris. During a summer holiday to the Sud-Oest region of France he discovered a salted caramel spread at the local market. The jar didn’t last long, and back in Paris he decided to try making his own, inspired by the traditional French recipe from Bretagne. 

He brought some back home to Switzerland to share with his two best friends and together they decided to try selling it at the local Christmas market. It was a big success, selling out within hours! Trois Bon ‘Salted Caramel Spread’ and ‘Salted Caramel Pecans’ are now sold in selected speciality stores all over Switzerland.

 10 years later, Flo married an Aussie and moved to Melbourne. They are now trying their luck with the local crowd. The specialities  are all hand-cooked in Collingwood with Australian ingredients…and so far people love it!